Terms and Conditions

At the moment of PURCHASING any product from our website you are accepting the following:

  • Read all the information on the website before paying.
  • Agree to the delivery times stipulated in the product descriptions.

By PAYING for a Premium TV plan you are agreeing to the following:

  • UltraPlay DOES NOT MANAGE THE LIST OF CONTENT THAT THE SERVICE HAS. If certain content stops working, takes a long time to buffer, comes in another language or has no subtitles, WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO FIX IT.
  • UltraPlay cannot add or remove content from the list.
  • A couple of times a month the Xtream panel is updated to improve the service and add new content, when these updates occur the service is likely to be unavailable for a couple of hours.
  • It is forbidden to retransmit our links by any software, server, website or social network. No VPN or proxy can be used to view the channels. If you fail to comply with this, you will be permanently terminated from the service without prior notice.
  • It is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to check the applications that work properly on their devices before paying.

By PAYING for the activation of an application you are agreeing to the following:

  • Application activations DO NOT CONTAIN IPTV CHANNELS.
  • UltraPlay IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems with the application, whether it be with product activation, application performance issues or that you have provided us with incorrect codes.


Refund terms vary depending on the payment gateway you have used within the website, each gateway has its own refund policy.

Refunds will ONLY be given for the purchase of plans in the following cases:

  1. That your list has not been sent.
  2. You have contacted us for reimbursement before your list has been sent.

For the purchase of application activations, REFUNDS ARE ONLY GIVEN in the following case:

  1. You have contacted us for reimbursement before your application has been activated.

About plans and applications

If you are using the application(s): Duplex Play, Net ipTV, SET IPTV, Smart IPTV, Smart One, Flex IPTV, Flix IPTV, IBO PLAYER, Bay TV or ARC Player.

These applications are NOT FREE, when downloaded they will start a trial period and after a few days they will be blocked requesting payment to activate them.

Activations are not related to Premium TV plans, if you configured the list in one of the mentioned applications and the channels were blocked a few days later, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and the solutions are: configure the list in a free application (We recommend: SS IPTV or IPTV SMARTERS) or pay for the activation.

Contact us at

Contact us at contacto@ultraplay.tv for questions regarding refunds.