Click on this text to receive the DEMO list via WhatsApp.

About the IPTV DEMO list:

  • It lasts 1-2 hours from the time it is sent, not from the time it is set up.
  • It’s 100% free.
  • It includes exactly the same content as a Chile IPTV channel plan from UltraPlay.
  • It can be configured on any compatible device, with an application capable of playing UltraPlay’s Chile IPTV content.

Important about UltraPlay’s Chile IPTV DEMO list:

  • In apps like IPTV Smarters you have to respect upper and lower case.
  • The .m3u link in the list does not have to be clicked, if you open it it will not show you anything. The link only works when configured in an application.

How do I configure the Chile IPTV DEMO list?

To configure the DEMO list you have to download an application that is able to play .m3u lists and configure the list in that application.

Which applications can be used to play DEMO lists?

In Chile IPTV – UltraPlay we have configuration guides, which include manuals of the most popular applications to play IPTV content. Click here to access the configuration guides. If you are using an application that is not listed in the guides, don’t hesitate to ask us!

IPTV DEMO duration: 1-2 hours

Request the IPTV DEMO list via WhatsApp by clicking here.

IPTV Chile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check here for frequently asked questions about IPTV Chile plans before signing up.

The advantages that IPTV delivers is the great savings you can make in your life, imagine not spending more per year in watching TV and receive the best advantages that IPTV can offer you, for example:

  • Installation is extremely simple! You don’t need any TV decoration.
  • More than 5000 channels of all types. Within the channel list you can find national channels, international channels, soccer channels, premium channels, series, movies and all the new releases. Also content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Disney+.
  • You can use it on all your devices.
  • Smart TV
  • Smartphones Android & iOS
  • Tablets
  • Windows & Mac computers
  • Xbox ONE
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • TV Box
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick, etc…

IPTV can no longer be sold through our store. The store is now exclusively for the purchase of application activation.

There are 2 ways to contract IPTV with UltraPlay:

1. Contacting us on our WhatsApp.

2. Following directly the steps of our guide to contract IPTV plans…

Don’t worry!

If you are not sure how to use it, we offer a free demo so you can try the service, see what applications are useful to you, view the content included and decide if you want to sign up.

Configuration guides are also available for all devices.

If you are still not sure, you can consult us through the live chat (in the lower right corner) or through our social networks that we have available and we will provide you with technical support for any doubt.

Internet Protocol Television or Internet Protocol Television.

This is a technique for transmitting television over the Internet using a method that is totally different from the well-known streaming platforms.

The requirements are:

Have a WiFi connection with a minimum speed of 50 MB/s for a stable signal, depending on your Internet speed will be the quality IPTV will deliver!

Have a device and application capable of playing .m3u playlists.

50 MB/s for a stable signal.

More than 100 MB/s is RECOMMENDED.

  • Fiber optic: it is the best connection to watch television on the Internet. With 100 Mb you will be able to enjoy the highest 4K quality.
  • ADSL: You will be able to watch 4K content, perhaps with some delay. But it is enough to watch IPTV.
  • 4G: Watching movies, series and live channels means a high consumption of MB/s, so you would use up the gigabytes of your plan very quickly. In terms of speed, it is possible to reach a maximum of 50 Mbps.

An IPTV subscription can be used on as many devices as desired (no limits), but only 3 devices can be played at the same time.

Some applications to play IPTV content are paid, usually these give us some time to try them and then they are blocked forcing us to pay for the application.

Known payment applications:

  • Duplex Play
  • Net ipTV
  • Smart IPTV
  • Smart One
  • Flex IPTV
  • Flix IPTV
  • Bay TV
  • ARC Player
  • Room IPTV
  • Nanomid Player

You can purchase application activations in our store.

The activations of the applications are not related to the IPTV plans, they are totally independent of them.

There are many applications to play IPTV content, not just one application. All vary in stability, interface design and ease of use.

You can consult our configuration guides to learn how to configure IPTV in the most popular applications, if you are using one that is not in the guides do not hesitate to contact us.